Wednesday, April 22

so sorry

a quick but sincere apology to those of you who wrote to the o'suz email address and did not hear back in time for directions to the yard sale. i feel really bad. i checked the email 3 days before but then was so busy setting up i did not check again. victoria, i can't believe i did not get to see you and edwin. i am however excited you found a cool home you love and that we will still have you around. please please forgive me.


Victoria said...

Awww, you're so sweet to fret. In retrospect though, I dodged a bullet. I would have been all over those yard sale items in a most unseemly manner!

Edwin says "Hey darlin'." I'm sure we'll be stopping by to see you very soon!

o'suzannah said...

oh but i am relieved, i wanted u here to snag the goods. i have lots left, any interest in a private tour of the them, just let me know. i saved all that was good.
hope to see you both real soon now.