Saturday, June 30

todd fisher my husband. some of you may know him. some don't (but you should).
he is a master electrician and is nominated for best electrician in the best of cville 2012. 
he is awesome, though i am partial of course. 
fisher electrical is a family owned and operated business 
as he works side by side with his son nick fisher. 
he has wired many of your local faves 
including the main street market, mudhouse, 
o'suzannah and the new eloise location, 
which will open next saturday 
at the annex building on main street.
    p.s.  your vote would be greatly appreciated!!


hiya! hope all you fine folks near and far weathered that storm.
shewy, that was intense.
...o'suz is open and cool if anyone needs a reprieve!
plus, THE SALE CLOSET is open for biz as of right now!!!!!
it's chalk full of great books, kids and baby goods, 
accessories, product, art, journals, cards,
and much much more.
come on down soon!!
(and be safe out there if we get another storm) suz

Sunday, June 24

best of c-ville voting!

it's that time again -- the best of c-ville voting is underway! we'd love your votes in our two categories: best place for last-minute gifts and best place for stationery! click here to cast your vote! thanks for your support, peeps!

Wednesday, June 13

new from blackbird letterpress

 we just got a juicy shipment of goods from baton rouge's blackbird letterpress today! kathryn has an amazing series of die-cut critter cards, perfect for tucking in a little something special with your note.

bear hugs for everyone!
 woot owl.

 beeeeee mine.

crafty fox.
 get whale.


 happy birthday pelican.

 missing u.

 two of our favorite cards from blackbird are the wagon and camper.
it all comes flat, like you see below. you cut it up, glue it together, and voila, you
have a 3-d vintage vacation. (the wagon and the camper come separately, so you can 
opt for one or the other or both.)

lastly, we also have this beautifully letterpressed perpetual calendar in stock. 
perfect for hanging, and it never gets old! there's even a special treat on the back, 
a diagram identifying all the species of birds featured on the front.

Monday, June 11

red cap cards

a new box of red cap cards arrived last week, and we'd love to show you some of our faves...

birthday houses by lizzy stewart

 special delivery by blanca gomez

charming critters by jon klassen of

 the painted worlds of becca stadtlander

Tuesday, June 5

hooray! shop online at o'suzannah!

we have some big news, friends!
we have just launched our first online shop!
people have been asking for years, and we're excited to offer
a little slice of o'suz to our pals near and far.

though we can't fit all of our goods online, you will find a selection
of some of our favorites, from bags to jewels
to lotions to water bottles to onesies!
we'll be adding to the shop regularly, so keep checking back for new items.

click here to start shopping now!

oh, and as a special opening treat, we are offering FREE SHIPPING
on all orders! (no code needed)

Monday, June 4

father's day is just around the bend!!!

pop, papa, dad, daddy
part 1