Thursday, March 31

so i have been thinking it would be fun
to continue celebrating our 15th birthday.... for the rest of 2011!
every month o'suz will run a special on an artist or item.
it's that simple.
if you are interested in the deal, all you need do is mention this blog post.


festa and company lamps:

"The distinctive designs incorporate steel and river rocks,
giving each piece a rich signature look."

25% off!

Wednesday, March 30

jewelry by jen goff of paper wings

Paper wings, all torn and bent
But you made me feel like they were heaven sent
Paper wings, not real at all
But they took me high enough to really fall
Your paper kisses, faded too soon
Just like a paper rose, beneath a paper moon
Paper wings, paper wings
Oh how could I expect to fly with only paper wings

lyrics by gillian welch

Saturday, March 26

babysoy + ink + wit

baby soy pairs up with ink and wit to make the sweetest little bundlers for wee ones.
it's the perfect gift for any babe born in any season and even more perfect is its inspiration:
a paper line we adore.

Tuesday, March 22

sparkly earrings and rings by ROOST

it seems these "little gems" from roost are irresistible, so we keep running out.
a new batch just arrived yesterday, and some have already found homes.
they come in prehnite, chalcedony, and labradorite,
some in silver, some in gold vermeil.

there are also 2 new rings from roost.
one uses mixed metals with green amethyst
while the other is gold vermeil with gem slices of green amethyst or smokey topaz.

Sunday, March 20

let the gardening begin

so today, being the first day of spring, it seems only fitting that i share with you a few noteworthy gardening books we have in the shop now.
whether your interest lies in flowers, fruits,veggies or herbs, we have a wee bit of it all.
i am most excited about this little pruning book as i tend to have and love lilacs, hydrangeas, peonies and the sort, and i never know when, if, or how to prune them.

regardless of your interest, and if nothing else, come peruse these little gems and feel yourself connect to the very idea of spring and all that it holds.

oh and happy festival of the book!

Friday, March 18

anthology magazine issue #1

is back in at o'suz. yes, due to popular demand,
and i mean seriously popular,
we have taken in another big stack of the first issue.
but get em' while the gettin' is good because apparently,
we are one of very few places that has any left!!!
no dilly dallying either, jessica took 3 to the post just this morn.

"i loved this issue in particular (granted there have been only 2 so far) because it approaches the magazines conception. it just feels so fresh, like a beginning should be. it's inspiring without being overwhelming. it tells a story. see for yourself, even if you just take a peek."

Monday, March 14

new oopsy daisy stetched art canvas'

have just come in. don't forget, they are on the 15th bday list!

Sunday, March 13

speaking of the market,

nikki mcclure's new book, to market, to market, just came in!!
i was reading it to redford last night and it's actually quite long and
tells the story of what many craftspeople do in detail.
from beekeepers to cheesemaker's, this amazing book has so much
to celebrate. i could not wait for the release of this book.
nothing short of brilliant.
thanks nikki!

Saturday, March 12

roost's berry baskets...

just in time for spring and the farmer's market!
they are ceramic and can be put to many tasks, just use your imagination.
i use them for my hair bobbles and make-up in my bathroom.

just picture it though, get yourself some fresh berries, heap them into a basket,
make a date with a friend or your family, head out to your porch
or spread a picnic blanket out in the grass, and eat to your hearts content.

raspberry basket
blueberry basket

strawberry basket

they even made the cover of southern living this month!!

Thursday, March 10

night owl papergoods

.... uses more than just paper, all these goods are made from eco friendly birch.

this is my fave!!!