Saturday, December 31


is just mere hours away
for those of you who are opting to get your sparkle on,
be safe.

for everyone,
enjoy making your last memories of 2011!!!

Friday, December 23

suzannah's wishlist!

here we are at december 23 already! we'll be at the shop on saturday, christmas eve from 10 til 5ish. on christmas day we'll be digging through our stockings and sipping some yummy nog, and we're going to extend our christmas a little bit and also be closed on monday, december 26. the shop will reopen at 10:00 on tuesday. we look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow for all of your down-to the-wire gifties! here are some of suzannah's faves, all of which we still have in the store...come see!

this is a favorite wintery children's book. though not specifically holiday-themed,
we love the celebration of chilly air and white snow. (not that we can imagine it
snowing in virginia any time soon!)

jonathan adler butter dishes are such an amazing combination of form and function.
who doesn't want to encounter a happy dachshund pup or this sleek white whale while
buttering the morning toast?

infinity scarves have been popping up in all sorts of variations, but we love
these cozy 100% merino striped numbers that are made by mackintosh of scotland,
a clothing and accessories line founded in 1875. we have a few different stripes --
black, a pinky-orange, gray, and brown.

holy moly, these roost drusy rings bring the sparkle!

we're so excited to be stocking the wild unknown calendars again this year!
artist kim krans creates line drawings of birds, bunnies, feathers, and nests
and then pairs each drawing with a song lyric, with contributions from
bob dylan, neil young, emmylou harris, fleetwood mac, and many others.

last, but certainly not least, lotta helleberg's lavender sachets are a perennial favorite!
made here in charlottesville, lotta grows the lavender herself and then
prints soft linen with botanical specimens, the impressions formed by the direct application
of ink to the leaves themselves. these sachets smell so amazing and are a
perfect stocking stuffer or hostess gift. you'll rarely find an o'suz girl without a set in her car!

that wraps up our holiday wishlists for 2011! thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has shopped at o'suzannah this season, and we're excited to see you soon with your
new o'suz jewels and gems, bags, scarves, wallets, etc! happy holidays, friends!

Thursday, December 22

jessica's wishlist!

yippee, christmas is nearly here! we've been wrapping up a storm here at o'suz, and we love seeing the goods going to exciting new homes! we'll be here everyday right through christmas eve, so if you've still got a few names left on your list, come see us! let's see what made the cut for jessica's wishlist...

this 3-d pop-up animal calendar is so snazzy! each animal stands on its own
and shows you two months at a time. once the year is over,
just refold them inside out and you've got a little paper menagerie!

everybody's been loving the fresh, clean scents of blithe & bonny.
we have candles, soaps, bath salts, and bubble baths
in jasmine, rose, lavender, grapefruit, and (jessica's favorite) eucalyptus mint.
seriously, so yummy and packaged in all recycled materials!

oh, sibella court, we love you so. sibella is an amazing stylist, shop owner, author, and traveler.
her most recent book, nomad, just hit shelves, and it is a stunning visual chronicle
of the inspiration she draws from her travels.

coral & tusk is the bee's knees, and these little holiday ornaments
are painfully adorable. all embroidered in brooklyn by stephanie, it's tempting
to leave these out all year! (p.s. there's a narwhal!)

even if you do pack up your ornament, there are other options,
like this amazing framed "owl wreath." these balancing critters want to come home with you!

lastly, these necklaces from iswas+willbe are made of tiny czech seed beads
with a nice chunk of agate at the center. we have all of the colors you see above,
so now the only difficulty is choosing which one. these are jessica's go to gift for everyone
from picky teenagers to your favorite aunt.

we'll be back soon with suzannah's wishlist!

Tuesday, December 20

silver bells

feeling sparkly this holiday season?
we are!

metallic silver hobos,
just try finding one of these online.
i did, just for fun.
not so much.
sold out!

modern twist silver stream place mats
simply stunning and practical at the same time.

paperwings circles necklace
looks awesome with everything and on everyone.

cracky silver pouch by barbara wiggins
a fave around o'suz
(makes you love being organized)

jour planner
modern and cool!

branch rings with diamonds
sweet and simple
(often sold as engagement rings, hint hint)

all shapes and sizes of sparkly accessories by apple and bee
every gal needs at least one!

Monday, December 19

what i like about kikkerland is that they just keep coming up with crazy cool new things:
employing inspired new artists who never fail to design unique stuff.
i have been buying kikkerland goods for 13 years now
and as long as they keep it coming i will keep bringing in a selection of their goods.
here's what we have this holiday season:

for anyone with fingers and toes!

hedgy nail brushes

for the laundry lover
a huge owl laundry bag
hedgy dryer balls

for the young or young at heart:

a bike bell

a piggy led flashlight

crystal shaped crayons

for the writer in you life:

mechanical pencils

retro pen set
owl led pens

for the bath

for the front door

for the entertainer

for those in need of a "boost"

for those half eaten bags of chips, and they talk back!

bag clips