Thursday, April 29

free union country school

every year we pick and choose lovingly where to donate our dollars/merch in the community. this year (and the last 2 i think) we have donated a nice gift to an auction at the free union country school.
i think once all was said and done the bag from highway and it's "green" inspired contents were worth over $350. goodtimes for someone out there, wish we knew who?

at the

Mission Statement

Free Union Country School provides a strong and supportive academic and social environment for children from preschool age through fifth grade.

With the cooperation of parents, students, teachers, staff and friends, Free Union Country School is a community where learning is valued, individuals are respected, diversity is understood as a strength, and teamwork is rewarded.

The school's program develops independence, responsibility, self-confident decision-making, and each child's natural desire to learn.

for Ki

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Friday, April 23

nico nico

you already know we love to help dress the littlest members of our community in adorable tees, so in keeping with this mission we have brought in some amazing new lines! introducing:

nico nico
all-stars raglan tee

sunburst raglan in eggshell

harem shorts, so soft you'll wish they came in your size,
in this brown, grey and a dark brown too!
almost sold out but crossing our fingers that more are on their way....

Thursday, April 22

potting shed creations are here

and just in time for earth day (month, year, life...)

seed sprinkles, make great little gifties!
in rice hull pot

plant something, anything, it just feels good.

Sunday, April 18

zebi baby

"zebi is an expression of life, beauty and individuality. fusing modern and vintage design with high quality, sustainable materials, the zebi collection provides a truly unique array of products for the gift and apparel industry."

whilw we've carried zebi over the years, never before have we been this in love or amazed at how fast it has been finding new homes. i myself would give my eye teeth to put red in it but it appears i have missed the boat. the zebi collection is for ~2 years and under. of course he still uses bibs but i will leave zebi's bibs for all the newbies being born every day out there. i swear there are so many beautiful pregnant women out there. spoil them all, is what i say, and the babes they are birthing.

all zebi fabrics are zebi originals!!



drawstring linen pants

bum covers and bibs

Saturday, April 17

little lark

little lark is a woman owned and operated company based in portland oregon. little lark creates unique apparel for babes and young children that is sweatshop free, 100% cotton, lead free, and individually screenprinted by hand. all of little lark onesies are made with the softest, organic cotton available. fabric labels are hand printed on recycled cloth and ironed to the inside of each garment.

"Little Lark is inspired by beauty and wonder through the eyes of a child. Many ideas have blossomed from old children's educational books, science textbooks, and Christy's fond memories of living in Alaska as a child. Little Lark is inspired by what is beautiful, terrific, and optimistic about our world."

Saturday, April 10


sukie sukie sukie!!!!
love the british husband and wife team

sukie's goods made in collaboration with chronicle books:

sukie sticky notes

sukie iron-ons

sukie perpetual calendar

animals on parade note card set
for all ages!!!!!

sukie box of lots and lots of labels
these were unavailable for a time and caused quite the stir...

coming soon, sukie paper block

from sukie in the u.k. we have the following:

sukie blank book #1

sukie blank notebook #2

These two sided simple books with lined pages
take their inspiration from notebooks
found in markets across India.
mention this post and you, our reader, can get 2 for 1 on these!!!

last but not least, i can't say enough about sukie's textile group. they are at one time both vintage feeling and modern. they are unique to sukie too, so you just don't see them everywhere (though they do sell the fabric from their site for that special project....). *just for readers, i am offering 25% off the all sukie fabric accessories if you mention this post.

sukie book bag in alphabet print
stangefruit bookbag,
also available in bird tree

sukie cosmetic bags in bird tree, strange fruit, and alphabet print

sukie pencil cases in bird tree, strange fruit, and alphabet print