Wednesday, February 29

Monday, February 27


"About 10 years ago Susan Ryhanen retired from 30 years of teaching and started tinkering with handmade olive oil soap. In the basement. With a shoebox as a mold."

if you have not tried a soap from saipua , you really must.
the coffee mint is divine.
they make a lovely gift, already wrapped beautifully.
i used to reserve these for christmas time buying only
but i just can't resist having them year round at o'suz.

handmade in brooklyn, ny

Monday, February 20


makes the most amazing decals and we have them!!!!
they are movable and therefore removable
which is a huge bonus. made in france.
worth every penny.

Wednesday, February 8

love and like you, round two!

we have even more favorite cards to share with you! valentine's day comes only once a year,
but we are all a little guilty of stashing our favorite lovey cards for sweet surprises
throughout the year. come stock up!

from bison bookbinding:

from the regional assembly of text:

from mr. boddington's studio:

from zeichen press: