Friday, July 30

victoria and albert goods just came in!!!!

coincidentally, while jessica was visiting the v&a museum in london, i was here ordering victorian inspired goods from wild and wolfs v and a collection.

these hydrangeas are stunning and welcomed jessica to the museum.

here is just some of what u will find at o'suz now, waiting to welcome you!!
(hydrangeas here just don't look like those in england anymore, toooo hot!)

kennet kitchen drawer kit: "kennet was designed in 1883 by william morris and its meandering stems, acanthus leaves, and flowers are a reaction against victorian industrialization. it was successfully produced as wallpaper, woven silks, and printed fabrics."

hammer and scissors feature the well-known anemone design.

"daisy was the first wallpaper produced by morris & co. in 1864 and was inspired by medieval tapestries."

v&a cray print collection
"cray is a famous print design by william morris and was the most complex and expensive design produced in 1884 as it required 34 printing blocks."

"the patterns come from a volume of wallpapers, which form part of the most comprehensive collection of arts & crafts in the world, housed at the v&a."

Thursday, July 29

extra! extra!

the dog days of summer are here, and we hope you're relaxing at the beach or by the pool, enjoying copious amounts of iced beverages! here at o'suz we're already thinking about and wishing for fall -- crisp air, burgundy leaves, and the start of a new school year. it's time, too, for the store to be freshened up and rearranged, so we'll be closed MONDAY, AUGUST 2 through WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 4. get your cards and birthday presents before we close up shop for a few days, and come visit on thursday when we reopen!

Friday, July 16

bargains galore

in celebration of the downtown's bargain days,
all of the the o'suz sale has moved down to 75% off!

come check out what's left, u never know what might catch your eye!!
lots of other peeps are participating too so it might be worth a stroll up and down the mall!

Wednesday, July 14

new ilee designs

ilee designs has new cards, here are just a few!

Monday, July 12

gemma correll

gemma correll comes to o'suz!!! not in person of course, though jessica did just meet her in london at the bust craftacular!

for us here at home, her cards will just have to do:

Tuesday, July 6

new great lakes

'imagine a fireplace and a lodge. imagine a mossy bog and tree. imagine aiming a bow and arrow into the sky and hoping to see where it lands. herein lies the great lakes. the great lakes is growing out of a love of handmade goods."

check out her new cards, just in!!!