Tuesday, January 17

fresh love

tons of new stuff being added to the
including 2012 calendars (though it pains us),
card packs, more tights,
tea towels, recipe cards, tokyo milk bubble bath
and lots of other new treats!
always worth a perusal...

Saturday, January 7

if you haven't heard yet....

we have a sale closet!
you know we always have to try new things and this
is just one of them.
(we are also refreshing the whole shop!!!)
the sale closet is at the back of the shop and packed full of goodness.
the best news of all, the holiday merch is 75% off.
i know it's hard to think about xmas in january, but we strongly
advise you stock up on cards. they are irresistibly priced
and the selection is pretty great,
lots of the other merch has gone down too
and more has been added to the sale to keep it fresh.

don't be a stranger.
come take some of these goods out of our closet!

Wednesday, January 4


for those you who have pushed the pause button on choosing yours
or for those of us who like our calendars in multiples, here's what we have
on the shelves at o'suz for 2012!

night owl hanging calendar, made of wood!

night owl desktop calendar

waste not paper letterpress desktop calendar

ilee designs letterpress desktop calendar,
an o'suz fave for many years now, and still some left!

eggpress desktop cal, always lovely

new for us, the found desktop calendar
calling all pooch lovers
also by the found, this one is bold and has a vintage feel,
quite sweet!

most amazing wall calendars ever, and with song lyrics to boot
these are a must see/have

and last up but by far the most fun,
the 6 animal calendar,
when the year is over reverse these critters to become just that, critters!

Monday, January 2

off the beaten path

begin 2012 whenever you feel ready!
(on paper anyway)

all undated, all in stock!

Sunday, January 1

“Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”
-mary oliver

happy new year friends and folks.
let's all commit to enjoying the journey in 2012!
thank you so much for making our 15th year
a memorable one at o'suz.