Monday, November 29

old school calendars amidst all the newfangled styles!!

just a few of our 2011 calendars
that will hang on the wall....

Sunday, November 28

goods that snap crackle and pop

small clasp clutch by apple and bee

hobo lauren in steel blue and flint
oh so pretty

crackle silver pouch by sweet bella

the most amazing silver leather wallets i have ever seen!!!
(here next week)

leather blank book by sweet bella

birdy leather blank book by sweet bella

silver draw your mind blank book
by mmmg

Saturday, November 27

sale news!!!

guess what, peeps?!?! all the 2 for 1 merch that has been bundled together is being separated and marked to 50% off! there are great books, baby gifts, stocking stuffers, accessories, and more! get it before it's gone!

Monday, November 22

agendas from o-check

make your plans with a little help from o-check....

"O-Check Design Graphics, based in Seoul,
creates this very extensive collection,
both graphic and warm.
Soy ink/recycled paper used on majority of pieces."

Thursday, November 18


today is the day peeps, come one come all!
we will close at noon to prepare
but we will be ready for any and everything
you can throw at us.
unlike last year:
the 2-4-1 will be located in the back of the store
because all the holiday merch is out!!!!!!
hope to see you there.

Monday, November 15

in hot pursuit

a few goods that are back in by popular demand!

a most awesome postcard book

this lovely sea urchin ring made by swallow

lotta jansdotter stationary set

cherry chocolate scone mix, made locally by lisa, aka queen of puddings

the owly doormat

haikubes game set

and lastly, shireleah vegan clutches

....and bags

this does not begin to address all that is brand new at o'suz including: the motherload of ornaments we just put out last night, jonathon adler ceramics, more new swallow jewels, portolano accessories, lots of linen tapes by shinzi katoh, sweet bella sparkly pouches, agendas, calendars, cards. i mean really, u name it, we near have it. we are so packed you may barely fit in the door (especially thursday night), but we hope you try!

Monday, November 8

countdown to 2-4-1

10 days away people, so get excited! the juiciness is unprecedented and
we are pumped!!! are you? we are also about to tackle the last BIG rearrange of 2010!!
(not to mention that my son redford is starting school this week, insert disbelief here).
so expect lots of changes and new merch to make its debut in the next week or so.
also look for an email in your mailbox soon, assuming you have signed our mailing list. if you are not on our list, feel free to rsvp to the blog email:

we look forward to seeing all who can attend!

Saturday, November 6

ring in november and all the good things that come with it.

the annual calendar by my favorite artist: nikki mcclure

new jill bliss panels!

figs and ginger, fresh new goods!

a hedgie!!!!

a whale of a whale

the most lovely mama and baby bird necklace:

new crafty book by lotta!

new for fall colors from hobo:

new jewelry artist: odette

Wednesday, November 3

save the date-november 18th!!

(birch trees by lisa congdon)

so it's hard to believe that november is upon us,
bringing with her a cold snap and some stunning leaf colors.
while this november means many things to many of you,
the election, birthdays, thanksgiving etc..,
it means one thing to us at o'suz, or shall i say, 2 things!!

yes, it's time for our now annual 2 for 1 party!!
last year's party was a HUGE success on so many levels.
the turn out was phenomenal as were the deals.
everyone seemed to leave with a bag or 2 or 3!!
smiles and laughter were abundant but there was also a seriousness to the night.
folks were determined to find and grab goods for the holidays.

just like last year we are having the event the thursday before thanksgiving.
(if it isn't broke, don't go fixin' it, right?)
in this case, that happens to be november 18th!

unlike last year, we may need a bit longer to set it up
we will close at 12 noon to get the store gussied up.
the good news, the deals are abundant and holiday merchandise will be out this time!
so at the very least it's a great time to snatch up your xmas cards.

in addition to the 2 for 1 goodies we have been stashing since last january (hello!),
those attending during the scheduled hours of the party will be able to buy
all non 2-4-1 at 15% off. that includes everything: jewels, lamps, baby goods, etc...

the party will begin promptly at 4pm and not a minute before
and we will stay open until 8pm.

we will have bubbly water and delightful prosecco from market street wine shop.

we so hope to see you all there, so please mark your calendars,
spread the word, and save the date!

*we will also email all those on our mailing list in the next 2 weeks with all the info.