Wednesday, December 29

our plans

this week are as follows:
friday, we will be open from 10-4 and then ringing in the new year.
saturday we will be closed and relaxing
sunday we be closed to clean and organize after such a busy season!!
monday we will open with a sale section ready and waiting!!!

Monday, December 27

planners galore

what are your plans for the new year?
perhaps these agenda choices, dated and undated, will help you make some!
whatever your plans are, enjoy....

Wednesday, December 22

gifts for small peeps

what is xmas, if not a time to spoil the wee ones you love. i am finding it hard not to go nuts with redford turning 3 christmas eve. i have reigned it in somewhat but there are still 3 days to shop!

crayon rolls:
awesome for stockings or to accompany coloring books and sketchpads

felty house full of crayons

stuffed elephant

and zebra

bla bla mobile with sweet bird

bla bla owl mobile

sheep mobile from bla bla

birdy mobile from bla bla

andiamo the dog from bla bla

lulu the flower from bla bla

bandit the raccoon from bla bla
mcnuttie the squirrel from bla bla

dwell zoo book for we ones

super cool placemats by dwell that kids can color, great to take to restaurants

lots of new baby garbs for newborns and toddlers by sckoon

new kids clothes from little lark (this tee comes on cream with a red bike too)

a coloring book for hipster kids and adults alike

owl piggy bank

new book, great xmas message

beautiful book by yoshitomo naro

and or a small stuffed puppy (perhaps in lieu of a real one?!)

super creative coloring book,
lots of room for a kids imagination

and last, but by no means not least,
the piggy flashlight, no batteries needed!

feeling crafty

or perhaps know someone who might be? we have lots of options!!