Wednesday, January 28

nyigf tales

so the new york international gift fair has been going on this week and jessica and i hit nyc this past sunday looking for the goods. the show is generally located at the jacob javits center and the passenger piers which combine to cover almost 630,000 square feet. gadzooks, that is a lot of stuff people and stores like ours have to weed through it all to find the gems. luckily, looking for the diamonds in the rough, as it were, is my 2nd favorite thing to do, after merchandising them, and boy had i missed doing it. i had not been to this show in over 2 years! absence did make the heart grow fonder in this case for sure. the only thing was that my endurance is not what it used to be. while i am used to being with my son, red, scrambling hither and fro, we usually don't walk miles and miles in a day with him on my shoulder. as it was, i did rally, and walk as much as possible in the 2 days i was there. i could only stand to be away from the mini-man that long. it was our first time apart and it was hard but that's another post on another blog at another time (or maybe not). mothers know what i mean. it was good but hard but good but hard but...
now we are both back and resting today; me with redford, cozy by the woodstove out our way, and jessica at her place with her sopherdoodle hopefully snuggling up under some covers.
.....tomorrow though we get back in the groove at the shop and hopefully condense some sale and make some room for all the goodies and gems that we found here:

stat tuned for more highlights from the show.

Friday, January 23

sax are back

i must share the phenomenon that was to take place at o'suz this past christmas. we had been waiting on a huge shipment of envirosax since the fall, only to find that the reason it had not shipped was that they were lacking one or 2 patterns. lo and behold when we finally received it, 2 weeks or so before xmas, we had no idea it would be the hottest thing since say, robert redford in jeremiah johnson. anyhoo, we were to be gobsmacked daily by how many would sell and with such enthusiasm. one lady bought 25 at 10 bucks a pop. it was crazy. even men were coming in dazed and with huge coffees seeking "sacks that tie up and you put them in your bag or something, this lady told me my wife would love one". needless to say we sold the entire shipment of 250 bags, save one style that was a dud, in like 8 days. in all my days of retail i have seen nothing like it. it was my stimulus package for sure. it was my lifeboat. it was retail at it's best. so much for all the media's grim predictions. the next best thing would be to have invented the little buggers. ok, so the point to all this is that THEY R BACK IN FINALLY!
here is a new one that is so so pretty:

all of the above are organic.
below are 3 from their graphic series. these are polyester, waterproof and weigh only 1.4 oz.

hint hint, red for valentines!!!!

Saturday, January 17

sale news!

not much to say and not much time to say it but wanted to let y'all know that most of the sale went down another notch. there were lots of deals before, but now they are hard to resist! here's a few of the big steals:

small things necklaces...from 74 to 37! and 118 to 59!
select lotta jansdotter bags...from 66 to 28! 46 to 18! 30 to 12! and 20 to 8!
crispina bags...from 88 to 25!
select nikki mcclure tshirts are marked down from 24 to 5 and 8!
studio vertu coasters and clocks...from 42 to 17 and 36 to 15, respectively!
all little flowers handmade pottery is more than 50% off!
and one last crispina blanket, from 258 to 105!

and we've even marked a few things down 75%, like:

all dvider wall decals...52 to 13! 44 to 11! 38 to 9.50! 32 to 8! 26 to 6.50!
macbeth decoupage buckets and containers are all 75% off, and a lot of this is new to the sale!

both of these are total steals for your home. the wall decals include flora and fauna and are a quick and temporary way to spruce up your space. the decoupage containers are great for party drinks, toys, mail, recycling, and so on.

the sale is always changing, so come see what's new!

Saturday, January 3

day 1 of the sale!!!!

so the first day of the BIG sale is over and whewee, what a day.
it seemed to build as the day wore on. word of mouth i tell ya. thanks to all the mouths out there that made today so hoppin' busy!!!!! the sale will continue until it dwindles. there is lots to snag, today barely put a dent.
we are looking forward to seeing the deals put smiles on faces and to buying new merch
for the new year!!!!
specail thanks to aaron and jessica for making days like today even more fun and for all their hard work this xmas and leading up to this day. you did good!

Friday, January 2

the january sale

i thought i might wet the appetites of our readers with a punch list of some of the goods that will be in our big sale that starts tomorrow. we tore through the place this week like a windstorm and boy did we clean house. goodtimes. we are so excited for this sale. we have so much more space on 4rth street to do it justice.
anyhoo, here are just some of the goods on sale:

all xmas merch. 75% off
some hobo wallets
a bunch of archipelago candles
nicole larue tank tops with pink birdies
saltbox bags and holly aiken bags
some queen bee bags (only 2 left)
jezebel and bla bla t's for small peeps
makie sleepers and booties
lots of speesees clothes for small people
tons of kids books
many of the portolano accessories for winter
small things necklaces
a few pieces of susan fleming jewelry
decals by dvider more then 50% off
3 styles of reisenthel hanging storage
tooth fairy boxes, paperweights and napkin rings by vilmain
tons of books
a bunch of lotta bags and a few more pillows.
some little display tables - cheap
and so so much more. it is a giganormous sale.
please join us in the next few weeks and take some of these fine goodies home!!