Sunday, January 31

come on in! we're open!

we will be open today, Sunday Jan 31, for our regular business hours, 12-5 pm. come on by and shop in the snow and start getting yourself ready for valentines day!

Friday, January 29


...our winter sale has just gone to 75% off. it will be gone in no time so slip by and nab a goody!!! sorry for the radio silence...despite being january, things seem busy busy for all of us in the o'suz family.
lots of new merch has arrived regardless...hope to see you out and about and if it snows, just remember, we will be open!!!!!

Friday, January 15

parking news!

not much news to report of late, what is notable is that we FINALLY validate parking in the 2 parking garages! we are very excited about this and hope you are too, especially as parking proves to be trickier by the day downtown. any little but helps so that is that.
in other news more sale has been added and marked down so stop on by and stock up on gifties for 2010.

Monday, January 11

sale news

alert the media!!! i got a day to myself today, a gift from my man, and what did i do? i worked,
but really, it's what i love to do and so it's natural that i ran to o'suz where i found myself knee deep in a rearrange of the sale with the help of my lovely assistant aaron, which then evolved into markdowns of the sale and add ins to the sale, which of course entails purging! so....i'll get to the point. we have a few fixtures and props for sale, some sold today but there are a few more. for example, our coveted by some, red and white enamel table with 2 leaves ($95) 2 of our vertical bookstands from hold everything ($100 for both) and a few other odds and come by tomorrow and check out either the markdowns the add ins, and or the o'suz sale props!!!! 

Monday, January 4


so the first day of the sale was a huge success from the sounds of it, aaron was pooped!!! lots of peeps came and stuff went to good homes. share with us what u got!!! (comment) i'd love to for whats' in store for the days to come, don't be shy, come again, as i have a mind to up the ante and add more tomorrow. ALL the dwell hit the sale very late today including the transportation group, which is may favorite. a few more jewels went in as well.

thanks for turning out for us, the sooner the sale dwindles, the sooner we can buy more new goods for 2010!!!! oh, and the list is long......

Sunday, January 3

quick sale rundown

home again home again, jiggity jig. 14 hours later i am back home.... the sale set up went pretty well, though i realized at the 9th hour we purged our old sale signs with intentions of making new ones. oops. so, with that said there are a few quickie signs up and about with more on the way.
if u shop o'suz sales it should be clear enough but when in need ask ms aaron.
a few things worth mentioning for now:
*all xmas/holiday is 75% off now!!! (some good stuff left if have not packed xmas up yet, it might be fun to peek.
*there is a nice 75% off 4 tiered sale section of non-holiday that includes 3 lotta jansdotter linen aprons, a crispina blanket, a bunch og blank books and journals, some books, some rubber stamps and lots more but i'm blanking...
*lots of new goods marked to 50% including: lots and lots of baby and toddler clothes and books, a pink baby blanket by bla bla, lotta baby shoes for a newborns, travel pillows for kids in 4 colors by manuela, some cookbooks and crafty books, TONS of cards for all occasions (a few for valentines too) and some blank cards as well, a few amazing teacups made locally, a little flowers bird teapot, fluffy co ipod cases, some fun passport cases, a very small # of hobo wallets this time, blue cashmere gloves, 2 katie mawson hats, some lotta aprons, built laptop cases, some dwell cosmetic cases, 3 me moore rectangle wood necklaces, 2 susan fleming necklaces, some paper wings jewelry ... and u have to come visit to find out the rest!!!!
hope to see u this week!!

Saturday, January 2

welcoming 2010 and prepping for sale

so as we settle into 2010 and reflect on 2009 (a little), it is safe for us to say that we were happy to turn the page. o'suz loves change and a new year always holds great possibilies. we hope to have a website soon and an an online shop as well, but in the mean time it is business as usual and that is OK!

as always, our sale is just around the bend. the plan, as of now, is to have it all out by this monday, january 4rth, at opening. there is a fair amount: lots of books and tons and tons of cards and kids stuff comes to mind, as i type from home on this uber windy day. it is safe to say though, that it will be as juicy as always cuz once i get going, i usually get wild hairs and throw some serious merch in for good measure. aaron will be there monday to sell it up and i will be there tuesday working for our lovely jessica who is in italia teaching for 3 weeks!!!
* miss you jessa, says red

come see us if u can,
here's to goodtimes in 2010.