Saturday, January 3

day 1 of the sale!!!!

so the first day of the BIG sale is over and whewee, what a day.
it seemed to build as the day wore on. word of mouth i tell ya. thanks to all the mouths out there that made today so hoppin' busy!!!!! the sale will continue until it dwindles. there is lots to snag, today barely put a dent.
we are looking forward to seeing the deals put smiles on faces and to buying new merch
for the new year!!!!
specail thanks to aaron and jessica for making days like today even more fun and for all their hard work this xmas and leading up to this day. you did good!


kellywfarmer said...

dear suzannah, my husband and i lived in cville a while ago and came up this past sunday to stop by, shop, and say hi. You werent there but the shop was awesome! it was so nice to see so many beautiful things for babies, cause we had brought ours. i think you may have heard him in the background if indeed it was you calling in :> hes 16 months and can get a little loud. he loved the store as well, especially the ice cream cone rattle. anyway hopefully next time we come up we can buy more and say hi. it really made us miss our home away from home! fondly, kelly farmer

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