Tuesday, May 27

bla bla love

one of lines we sell that is amazing in all ways is bla bla kids. i can attest to this personally! bla bla makes dolls, rattles, finger puppets, backpacks, blankets, mobiles, hats, booties and clothes for babies and kids. bla bla goodies are knitted by peruvian artists from natural fibers. they are bright and friendly and put a smile on faces of all ages. red (my son) already has 3 rattles, 1 doll, and many outfits. he loves it all, i am sure of it. his favorite is his giraffe rattle, evidenced now by its shape and color (we wash him often). he also lives in the bla bla elastic waist pants. they come in solids and stripes ranging from 6 months to 4T. when he was smaller we just rolled them up a wee bit so they would fit longer. he also has a giraffe animobile ridden by a blue kitty over his crib and a huge bla bla doll named verdi that lives in his crib (until he is joined by red when he is older). anyhoo, there is so much to say about bla bla. everyone has a favorite. what's yours?

red's crib with jumbo verdi, waiting oh so patiently, the most amazing quilt ever, made by aaron as our baby gift, and the ever fun animobile by bla bla, there to keep red company. also pictured are tree decals by dvider, available at o'suz.

mini bla bla dolls: bubbles & gigi
tiger lily & clementine

(new this spring)
mini versions of:
charles & prudence
wink & billy

cumulus, inoo-lala & etcetera
"the best of friends"

redford, mesmerized by his first view of the ocean, sits quietly with his elephant rattle (whose shorts come off, funny) and musette, his bird rattle, new this spring.


lotta said...

Red is just as handsome as in the first photo I saw of him!! Thanks for including inleaf in your listing.
Best of luck with the blog!

Todd said...

That boy is soo cute.

becky from hatch said...

Oh my god, he's so cute and he's getting so big!

Suz, I'm so confused, I've been catching up on the suznewz who the heck is in rome? obviously it's not you, right?


o'suzannah said...

hey beck, no, not me in rome, are you kidding? it's my employee who does the blog with me, jessica. she signs her post j, and i sign mine suz. sorry, you are not the first to be confused.
xo suz