Wednesday, May 28

attention city market goers!

a quick newsflash for those of you who find yourselves downtown on saturday mornings -- starting this saturday, may 31, we'll be opening an hour earlier at 10:00! to aid you in your shopping for fresh greens, sweet strawberries, and all manner of flora, we've got a few suggestions for reusable market totes.

here's our lovely aaron sporting one of the best market bags around, the gecko traders wave tote. gecko traders uses fair trade practices in the production of these recycled rice bags that are virtually indestructible. these will hold a tremendous amount of weight while still fitting over your shoulder, and the material allows them to be wiped clean quickly, always a good thing when you're toting plants and produce.

another store favorite is this super compact shopper by australian company envirosax. envirosax are completely self-contained -- when you aren't using it you roll it up, snap the snap (you can see it here in the lower left corner of the bag), and toss it in your purse or your car. in the end the bag folds up to be about the size of a piece of sushi, 4 x 1.5 inches, but when open can hold about twice as much as the standard plastic grocery bag. these are great gifts, and we encourage our customers to use them not only at the market but when you come to o'suz as well!

reisenthel is a german company that makes some amazingly cute and practical products. the market tote above has hand and shoulder straps, interior pockets and pouches, and six outside pockets to hold bottles of wine! great for getting your goods from the market to the party.

also by reisenthel is the super popular market basket. (we carry this in black, red, turquoise, and pink, as well as the new mini version, which is great for lunches or kids' toys!) the basket is collapsible, and the comfy padded handle can be folded down on either side for easy loading and emptying. not only do i use my basket at the market and grocery, but also for toting paperwork and files to and fro, taking food and wine to parties, and containing craft projects. the possibilities are endless, really.

hopefully we'll see you a little earlier in the coming saturdays -- grab your coffee and a few of those to die for doughnuts, and come show us what you snagged at the market! ciao for now, j.


o'suzannah said...

i can attest to this basket being great for toys. i have 2 small ones so they can be in 2 places filled to the brim with good things for small people. this way i can grab one and take it on the go, leaving it in the car or at work, the other one always remaining close to home.
also a fun purse for big people. love them!!!!

Helen said...

Aaron looks so chic and breezy! She makes a great poster-gal for stylish and eco-friendly living.

annabelle said...

I attest too- I've bought both an envirosac (the cheery yellow one) and a Riesenthel basket from o'suzannah and use them both, often at the same time!

Cartolina said...

thanks for the email o'suz - just checking into your blog for the first time - and it's so fun! I will add it to my regular reads and look forward to lots more great postings.

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