Sunday, May 16

dryads dancing frames

if you visit us frequently, or not even, you know we have carried dryads frames for a coon's age. now is no exception as we just bought so many it took us days to unpack them. we have flat board, bead board, molding and the new layered frames pictured at the bottom. we have a huge selection of 3X5's, 4x6's, 5x7's, and 8x10's. we also have some mondo 11x14's and 16x20's that can't be missed. we always sell a bunch as grad gifts and wedding presents so come grab a peek...

"Dryads Dancing began with picture frames made with reclaimed wood. Antique bead board, reclaimed molding and ceiling tin made into picture frames was the launching pad for the company. We have been committed to using salvaged materials from the beginning for several reasons. Mostly because why would you buy some new wood and work hours to try and create old world charm with paint layers and sanding? It's a wonderful way to repurpose salvaged wood and tin."

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