Sunday, February 14

party and raffle news

valentines is clearly not just for lovers, it seems it's for everyone, as it should be. between the snow and the cold, peeps just wanna have some fun. so the party was a huge success, with almost all bubbly and chocolate gone by the end and lots of gifts and treats snatched up. this party goes down as the funnest one we have ever had at o'suz. i have to admit with all that was going on in town i had the feeling in my gut that only a few people would come, boy was i wrong. thank you to everyone for making it a memory for us at the shop. here are some pics and then on to raffle news:

so we have been collecting names for our mystery raffle since first thing friday morning and plan to draw names this evening, feb 14, and post and call the winners tomorrow around 11. just to mix it up we plan draw 14 names, all 14 of whom will win a one time 20 dollar shopping trip in to o'suz. this way, there will be lots a happy people and we can feel we are spreading the love around. stay tuned for us to post the winners tomorrow morn!!!


Haughstuff said...

The store looks CUTE!

Sara Daniel said...

Oh hooray! Thank you, o'suz!! It brightened my day to stop in on Saturday for a little browsing and shopping and it definitely brightened this gray, frigid Monday when I heard the good news on my voicemail that it was my lucky day! Can't wait to stop in again soon! The store such a great escape, mood booster and inspiration. I just used the gorgeous orange-flowered Snow & Graham paper as a backing for my son's vibrant artwork to use as a wall hanging. He and I are delighted with how it looks. :D

Natalie Ann said...

Your store looks adorable! Love this blog!