Tuesday, July 14

introducing...sycamore street press

we're so excited to have a new letterpress line in the shop, sycamore street press, out of columbus, ohio (although i think they may be in the midst of relocating to utah at this very moment). the cards themselves often present a single image with a sentiment, but there is an incredible amount of detail in the individual figures. check out the single feathers on the owl! i have been coveting these cards, particularly 'je t'aime' for what feels like eternity. here's a sampling of some of the ones we have in the shop at the moment, although several are already down to dangerously low quantities!

what else would your french bulldog say to you?

pugs make everything better.

this is suzannah's favorite. hippity hop...


o'suzannah said...

oh yes, the love card will be in my future i feel certain.

Jen. said...

man, I love that pug face.