Sunday, August 24

finally open again!

helen's hedgie is famous!

one of our favorite gals, melissa, came to make the day that much sweeter.

wow, our first few days in the new space with the paper off the windows and the door open have come and gone! so many regulars have dropped by, and we've seen some new faces, too.

a big shout out to everyone who made is all happen, especially aaron, jessica, helen, my mom and todd, who were amazing through this whole process. our little double a battery, aaron, kept us all going with coffees and lunch. she also did lots of moving stuff from place to place while we all decided the layout. she broke down boxes, went to ikea, put signs at 2nd street, called in endless damages, priced, organized. really, what didn't she do? she is a powerhouse. thank you, aaron. as for jessica, she went to the new york gift show, first off, right on the heels of a whirlwind rome trip. then she helped me with display, which is no small task when you realize how much we sell. she has an incredible eye for merchandising, color, placement etc., and much of the credit of display anymore should go to her. kudos, girly. you got it goin' on. helen made it possible for me to get work done this last week which is why we were able to open when we did. she watched red at the shop while we worked around their play time and tip toed around what should have been nap time.

we think it was all just too exciting and the dude just couldn't bear to shut those big brown eyes!!!! plus, helen is so fun to play with he just didn't want to stop. thanks, miss helen!!!
i also want to thank my mom for staying with us through the move and the following week while we unpacked and began the set up. she was a trooper, but i think she and red had a blast. he got to know how wonderful his granny is and i think my mom fell in love. last, but never least, i must thank my husband todd. he was there to do much of the hard stuff and still is. he is, and has always has been so supportive of my need to "change it up" and has been with me through the last 3 store changes, not to mention the constant shifting that happens at our home. he is a saint and i love him dearly.

anyhoo, enough rambling, stop by and check out our new digs and spread the word we are back open!!!



Louisa said...

oh it is SO lovely in there. i want to eat everything, and am so happy you still have things in sweet colorful areas . . .

curious girl (lisa) said...

congratulations! it looks so lovely and I can't wait to make the short trip north to shop and shop and shop.

Victoria said...

Wow, your new place looks so lovely-- can't wait to see it! I'm looking for a Hobo wallet, either the Rachel or Lauren in Leaf, so will swing by to see you soon.


Kate said...

I was so disappointed to miss the opening weekend, but it was all worth it when I had such a fun excursion to brighten my first day back at work...the new shop is absolutely charming, so bright and airy! I love it! And I also love my new alena hennessy says to "wash before wearing" but I can't resist its beautiful softness and am going to go put it on right away. And thank you thank you for the wonderful gifts as well! You were missed, and I'm oh so glad you're back!

thebubbreport said...

Holy Crap Suz! Another move! I just read you've been open for 12 years. God, I remember you opening the first store by the fountain, where you had inherited stock like license plate purses :)

I can't wait to see it on Halloween weekend! Congrats!