Saturday, June 7

the news on the street...

alrighty then, as promised, this blog is here to tell you the news and the news is that our BIG SUMMER SALE is about to begin. gadzooks, i know it's early but with gas prices the way they are and the heat index already breaking records, i say why not? we will begin the SALE friday the 13th, yup, your lucky day. the sale will be more contained than usual but will take on a life of its own with each passing day. we have tons to go in the sale, but we just don't have tons of room so we will put it out gradually. this means we hope to see all of you SALE lovers frequently. we open at 11am on friday and don't forget we open at 10am on saturdays, so try to get by and see the loot. we can't wait to see you!!!!

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Victoria said...


Dang, that's one cute baby! Love the pic of him with the elephant rattle.

Edwin and I had fun shopping very loudly all around your store today. My orange owl tote has received many flattering comments already-- people now think I have style AND flair. Thanks for the amazing treat, it's almost as sweet as you are.

I like that you list the link to your vendors/artisans so that we can read about them. Cool feature.

So, what's this about a SALE? Hotdog, see ya next week!